Friday, June 26, 2015

Meet the CCSWP Instructors: Rachel and Kristine

Today, I'd like you to meet one of our newest instructors as well as one of our most veteran. Meet Rachel and Kristine.

My name is Rachel Rothstein and I just completed my senior year at Central Connecticut State University. I am about to student teach at E.B. Kennelly Elementary School in Hartford. I love animals and have several pets. In my spare time I like to travel, read, and cook. I have been working with children for the past six years and look forward to working with the those in the writing project program.

Hello! My name is Kris, and you should know
that I will be with you in just a few weeks
or so. We’ll talk, we’ll write, we’ll edit our words,
and when we’re done, you’ll be as bards
who sing the praises of the world.
I once wrote for the local rags, but now
I teach. I love it so. To give a taste
of writing power - no one can know the joy
it brings. Except the bard.

Hello! My name is Kristine Harger and I am one of the instructors in the 2015 Central Connecticut Student Writing Project. I have been involved with CCSWP and it’s parent organization, Central Connecticut Writing Project, since 2008. I currently teach American Literature and AP/UCONN English Literature at New Britain High School and am a resident of Windsor. I received my bachelor of arts in English at UCONN (go Huskies!), and my master of arts in English at CCSU (go Blue Devils!). Prior to my teaching career, I was a journalist for community newspapers in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, and Aroostook County, Maine. My passions are poetry (that’s blank verse above), Edgar Allan Poe, and my kitty, Edgar. After a year’s absence, I am so excited to be back teaching at CCSWP - see you all soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CCSWP Registration CLOSING June 22nd

I'd like to announce that registrations for CCSWP 2015 will be closing on Monday, June 22nd. 

If you'd like to register for this summer's institute, please do so in the next few days. 

We can't wait to get started. 
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Meet the CCSWP Instructors: Colleen

This week, I'd like to introduce you to one of our newest instructors, Colleen. 

Hi, I'm Colleen, an English major at Central Connecticut State University. I absolutely love to write and even more than that, I love talking about writing. As a future teacher, one of my biggest goals is to get my students excited about writing. Writing is simply an extension of thought, the student that can think can write also. I cannot wait to meet the thinkers and writers of this summer's CCSWP. I hope to be a helping hand for your child through her or his writing process.