Thursday, April 16, 2020

2020 Central CT Student Writing Project

Good morning!
We hope this message finds you well and that you are finding ways to create and find comfort in the new routines our world has called for.
Due to the ongoing development regarding COVID-19 and the uncertainty that surrounds it, we are unable to hold our regular programming this year. We want to echo the directives from our state, town, and school leadership communities and encourage everyone to be as safe as possible and it has proven impossible to plan, as we are unable to secure dates and locations when we don't know when social distancing practices and stay at home protocols will lift.
However, we are very excited to say that we are in the planning stages of a schedule of digital opportunities to support our writers on their journeys to being authors and storytellers. More information regarding this schedule, including registration, will be available by June 1st.
We will miss being in person with our writers this summer, but we are excited to try something new!
We would like to send you off with a WID- a small writing activity we do daily to start our writing sessions! Erin gives WIDs to her fourth grade class during the school year and she has continued to give them during Distance Learning- some of her students like to save the WID and do it with their families at the dinner table!
Today's WID: Write a list of the first things you'll do as soon as social distancing/ stay at home is lifted! Illustrate some of them! Then share with your family!
Be Well,
Erin Gilbert
Youth Program Site Coordinator