Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekly Student Writing Sample

This week's sample comes from Meredith W. and can be found in the 2013 CCSWP Anthology.

"Watercycle of the mind‍‍‍‍"

There is a world where your mind is the earth
And each water drop is a single thought
And the clouds floating all around you
Are ideas and ‍‍‍input‍ ‍‍from the rest from the world.

The ground is instinct.
Those rocks, dirt and sand are all you're born with -
No self consciousness, no purpose in life,
No thoughts, or dreams just breath, heartbeat and hungry tears.

But more comes with your earth:
Chemicals, elements, minerals;
And when they're used together
Each a part of a creature, a part of this world.

Plants and animals are all ideas:
As each develops, there can be another -
A food chain of connecting thoughts -
But they don't grow off dirt - they need something more.

Water. And water it rained
Shortly after your birth,
It poured like clear melted diamonds.
The words of your parents and sights of your home -
The first clouds blew into your atmosphere,

And ever since then clouds came -
Some coming right in with angry hail, or sad snow,
Some just emotionless and yet so important -
They rained all their drops right into your head,
And they flooded your dirty-dusted canyons with ease.

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