Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Student Writing Sample

Sometimes I ask students to write about a text that they wish they had written. It's usually an exercise in appreciation. The students often talk about texts that have resonated with them for a variety of reasons, or sometimes they write about something that is so clever or so well written that they model their own work after it. 

The poem below is a poem I wish I had written. I would even settle for having written the title. It's an amazing piece created by one of my seniors, Emily A. Enjoy it. 

"The Season of Dying is Loyal"

Those dazed openings to your mind are glazed with the iridescence of
a baby blue fog. I loose myself in that maze of precipitating cornea. I
push time so hard that I don't find anything worthy of stopping to
observe. When looking is all I thrive on, I blind myself. 

I become surrounded with the sweet hum of cicadas. Anointing myself
with a crown of leaves, the decomposing life source that blesses me. 
The season of dying is loyal. I die along with it. 

Through the windows to your soul, in my wide-eyed degradation, I
confess my love for you. 

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