Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekly Student Writing Sample

This week's sample comes from Rachel A. from the 2013 New Britain institute. Enjoy!

We all woke up five days ago. Nobody knows where we are or what really happened. We all have our theories. Already the people who think they are smarter and more knowledgeable than everyone else formed a tiny government. They boss us around and bark orders all day long. This ‘government’ wrote a new constitution yesterday. It didn't take them very long. Considering it was mostly what they wanted our new continent, Gelum to be like. We aren't aloud to use any of the trees on the north side, and only the lanky ones that line the town. The government wants to preserve them. The only purposes we are allowed have when chopping the skinny ones down is for housing and fire wood.Then they all just signed it at the bottom. Together as a community we named the land all the population was brought to; Village. So what if it wasn't original? I guess the better thing to say is we had more on our minds.

We didn't have any resources. Only trees for wood, rock and small plants. We also had some of the things from our past that drifted along with us. Otherwise, we really didn't have much to survive with. The frigid climate made for hard core living style.

Most people were clueless. I knew what was going on though. Despite my memory loss. You could figure it out for yourself if you tried. Village was slightly inland on the shoreline. If you looked out on the horizon over the ocean, you couldn't expect to see anything. There was not a tree in sight.Our terrain was hills of rock. If you sought a message in the stars, you would be disappointed. I didn't know what happened to planet earth, but I had my mind made up - it was something big, and it was definitely something bad. I couldn't tell just what it was, there were no signs of a natural disaster. This was all so mysterious and intriguing, how could you not wonder?

That was pretty much the rundown of everything buzzing around my mind. I stretched and curled up again in my furs. Village looked like a bee hive, with all the make believe houses. Draped skins in circles around the fire is all we could manage. We lived in huts out of wooden posts with animal skins tied up along them. The posts lean in to a point in the middle; and the furs bind them together. Our community is a circle of these, with one big bonfire in the center. We have to feed it by the hour, like an animal.The citizens there scrambled to find an occupation, or more like some warmth. I could see them through the flaps of the furs and someone was approaching. It was my father. He had thick fur coating all over. He looked like a bear I couldn't help but chuckle!

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